Healthcare Privacy

  1. What is privacy?
  2. Why should we want to hold on to it?
  3. Why is it important, necessary and precious?
Among the pertinent definitions of privacy from the Oxford English Dictionary are: “freedom from disturbance or intrusion, “intended only for the use of a particular person or persons,” and belonging to “the property of a particular person.” Also another definition is: “confidential, not to be disclosed to others.”
“Each time you give the government your personal information you lose a piece of your personal liberty!”……unknown.
  1. A Federal law HIPPA protects your medical information and your privacy from being shared with others unless you approve of this sharing.
  2. No one needs to know your personal health information, not the government or any public agency. Keeping it private protects you from this information being used against you.
  3. your medical history is important for good care in the future. Health professionals will need this information to understand your health needs and develop a plan to help you. the government however has no place or reason to be involved in your health care.


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