Privacy From Government

Private Market Health Choices does not share your information with the government.
People in a free country or society need to protect their personal information from the hands of the government.  Once information is given to the government, one never knows what that information will be used for: political targeting, dividing the country on social-economic issues or even intimidation of political rivals. The government already knows way too much about us.


Advice From Professionals

Buying of a health insurance plan can be complicated. Why? Each plan has many moving parts from co-insurance, deductibles, network and out-of-network expenses, underwriting,  just to mention a few issues to seriously understand. To truly analyze cost vs benefit, one does not lose anything from having an independent professional point of view. 
A State licensed agent can provide an independent analysis, answer your questions and guide you in the decision making process.
Also, when one buys a health plan, they are usually healthy. So the buying behavior tendency is to favor cheap plans, which may not be the best value.  An agent can play a big part in building a bridge between what healthy customers see today and potential claim experiences in the future. Remember insurance has been and will always be about risk management, the debate here is how to best manage this risk.


More Choices Than Government

Health Care has always been regulated on a State-by-State basis in the United Sates. The Federal Government with the Affordable Care Act has established government exchanges, however, there are other options.  Government recommends four main plans: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. 
On the other hand there are many insurance companies, each with several different plans approved by individual States. With this understanding an insurance shopper needs to look at all options before making a decision that is best for them and their situation.
The choices are so many, we cannot list them all here, and no one should get in the way of an individual having a confidential conversation with an agent in the privacy of their offices, homes or anywhere. Privacy is key when it comes to these matters.
The core reason  people buy health insurance is not because government said so. They buy to transfer the risk of big hospital bills from them  to insurance companies. The overall objective is an asset-protection strategy for people who want to protect their income and homes from medical bills.


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